Translation Methodology

Decree strives to produce high-quality translations of Omani legislation that are easy to understand and avoid legal jargon to the highest degree possible while remaining true to the original Arabic text.

Our translations follow the Irfan Rulebook, a set of rules to improve the quality and ensure consistency in the translations of Omani legislation by setting language, style, and formatting rules. The key principles of the Irfan Rulebook are: (a) consistency in using the same English term to translate the same Arabic term throughout each translation; (b) retaining the structure used in the Arabic language, especially in regard to paragraph layout; and (c) avoiding legal jargon to produce easy to understand translations.

Our translation work is also influenced by the work of Kevin Adams, even though we do not strictly follow his approach due to translation restrictions. We also follow the Chicago Manual of Style in regard to formatting, style, and grammar matters.

All of our full text translations of standalone laws are produced through a multi-stage process that involves the use of CAT tools, a reading in a pair to verify the accuracy of the translation, and a reading by a third individual to test the language as a proper standalone English text.