Royal Decree

Royal Decree 33/2012 Establishing the Public Authority for Civil Aviation

2012/33 33/2012


We, Qaboos bin Said, the Sultan of Oman

after perusal of the Basic Statute of the State promulgated by Royal Decree 101/96,

the System of Public Authorities and Establishments promulgated by Royal Decree 116/91,

the Civil Aviation Law promulgated by Royal Decree 93/2004,

and Royal Decree 19/2008 Determining the Competences of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Adopting Its Organisational Structure,

and in pursuance of public interest,

have decreed as follows

Article I

A public authority named the “Public Authority for Civil Aviation” is hereby established subordinate to the Council of Ministers.

The authority shall enjoy legal personality and financial and administrative independence, and its headquarters shall be in the Governorate of Muscat.

Article II

The competences, allocations, and holdings of the Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation, the Directorate General of Safety and Aviation Services, and the Salalah Airport Directorate are hereby transferred to the authority, as well as all that relates to civil aviation affairs in the aforementioned ministry.

Article III

The employees of the directorates general and the directorate referred to in article II are hereby transferred to the authority with their same employment status.

It is permitted, by a decision by the Minister of Transport and Communications, to transfer any of the employees of the ministry to the authority with their same employment status in accordance with the controls issued by a decision by the Minister of Transport and Communications.

Article IV

The management and governance of the affairs of the authority shall be undertaken by a board of directors chaired by the Minister of Transport and Communications and the membership of six members representing the relevant entities who shall be appointed by a decision issued by the Council of Ministers.

Article V

The authority shall have an executive president with the special grade appointed by royal decree.

Article VI

The provisions of the financial, administrative, and employee affairs laws and systems applicable to the administrative apparatus of the state shall apply to the authority until it issues its own regulations.

Article VII

The system of the authority shall be issued by royal decree.

Article VIII

All that is contrary to this decree, or in conflict with its provisions, is hereby repealed.

Article IX

This decree shall be published in the Official Gazette, and comes into force on the date of its issuance.

Issued on: 5 Rajab 1433
Corresponding to: 26 May 2012

Qaboos bin Said
Sultan of Oman

Published in Official Gazette 975 issued on 2 June 2012.