COVID-19 Supreme Committee

COVID-19 Supreme Committee Decision of 27 May 2020

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Note: The following text is a public domain translation published by the Official OmanVsCovid19 Twitter account.

Statement of the Supreme Committee

The Supreme Committee for Dealing with Covid-19 Decides:

– Lifting lockdown across Muscat Governorate as of Friday, 6th of Shawwal 1441 AH, corresponding to May 29th 2020.

– Inactivating the decision to exempt employees from attendance in Government bodies and the need for the return of at least 50% of employees in each unit, while some employees will maintain their annual leave entitlement. The head of each unit may take the appropriate decisions to ensure a regular performance and functioning of government institution, simultaneously, taking the necessary precautions to halt further spreading of the pandemic. Employees shall return to work on Sunday 8th of Shawwal 1441 AH, corresponding to May 31, 2020 AD.

May Allah Almighty Save Everyone from All Bad