COVID-19 Supreme Committee

COVID-19 Supreme Committee Decision of 2 May 2021

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Note: The following text is a public domain translation published by the Official OmanVsCovid19 Twitter account.

Statement of the Supreme Committee

Within it’s continuous sessions held to evaluate and address the developments of COVID-19 in the Sultanate, the committee examined the latest epidemiological updates of the pandemic in the Sultanate, and the statistics of mortalities, cases, and inpatients in healthcare and intensive care units. Accordingly, it decided the following:

First: to continue implementing the decision which bans all commercial activities  and movement of individuals and vehicles that is currently applicable from 9 PM  to 4 AM, to remain in effect until Saturday morning, May 8, 2021 in all the Sultanate.

Second: to prohibit movement of individuals and vehicles effective as of Saturday evening May 8, 2021 from 7 PM to 4 AM, until Saturday morning May 15, 2021, except for the previously announced categories.

Third: to ban all commercial activities throughout the day starting from Saturday, May 8, 2021 until the end of May 15, 2021 (Saturday), the ban excludes foodstuff shops, petrol stations, healthcare facilities and pharmacies, while allowing home delivery services for all goods during the ban period.

Fourth: to suspend the attendance of employees at their workplaces in all units of the state’s administrative apparatus and other public legal persons, while allowing them to work remotely, starting from Sunday 9 May 2021 to Tuesday 11 May 2021. The committee hereby urges private sector companies to implement business continuity solutions for remote working, and to reduce the number of employees required to attend at the workplaces.

Fifth: to ban Eid traditional souqs (Habta) and Eid prayers, and to prohibit all kind of gatherings, including family gatherings, Eid greeting gatherings and mass celebrations of Eid in all premises, beaches and parks during Eid al-Fitr days. In this regard, the Supreme Committee reaffirms that it is in a permanent session and continuously reviewing its decisions based on the developments in the epidemiological situation, and that the measures taken to deal with the pandemic primarily aim to safeguard the community from this pandemic with its significant health risks that could lead to death, and the importance of commitment, especially to avoid gatherings during the remaining days of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr days.

May the Almighty Allah Protect All From Any Harm