COVID-19 Supreme Committee

COVID-19 Supreme Committee Decision of 19 June 2021

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Note: The following text is a public domain translation published by the Official OmanVsCovid19 Twitter account.

Statement of the Supreme Committee

Within its continuous sessions held to evaluate and address the developments of COVID-19 in the Sultanate, the Supreme Committee has examined the latest epidemiological updates of the pandemic, and the statistics of mortalities, cases, and inpatients in intensive care units, which put a major pressure on the local healthcare system. Accordingly, the committee has decided to ban the movement of individuals and vehicles, and to close all public places and commercial activities (while allowing home delivery) from 8pm until 4am, effective Sunday evening 9 Dhu’l-Qi’dah 1442 AH, June 20, 2021 AD, until Further notice. The decision shall except the categories & activities which were announced previously.

The Supreme Committee reiterates that the health facilities, led by the Ministry of Health, will continue to implement the national vaccination plan according to the specific stages and target groups, and encourages all to get vaccinated. The committee applauds the commitment of individuals with the precautions, and expresses astonishment as some continue to hold gatherings, and hereby reaffirms that competent authorities will continue to take the control procedures adopted in this field.

May Allah Protect All From Harm