COVID-19 Supreme Committee

COVID-19 Supreme Committee Decision of 12 January 2022

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Note: The following text is a public domain translation published by the Official OmanVsCovid19 Twitter account.

Statement of the Supreme Committee

Within its continuous sessions held to introduce measures to halt further spread of Covid-19 in the Sultanate, the Supreme Committee has reviewed the reports on the epidemiological situation of the pandemic locally and globally, and the progression of the illness as showed by the epidemic curve in the Sultanate, together with the evidence indicating the existence of Omicron variant, which has caused a rise of cases and hospitalised patients.

Further data from primary healthcare centres denote the prevalence of respiratory infections in all governorates, prominently among children 5 to 12 years due to the wide and rapid spread of respiratory infections in general, including Covid-19 among this unvaccinated group.

Therefore, intending to protect the local community from this pandemic, and to safeguard the capability of the healthcare system, the Supreme Committee decided to shift education for the first cycle classes in all schools in the Sultanate to distance learning, for a period of four weeks, starting from Sunday, January 16, 2022.

The Supreme Committee still stresses the need to abide by the precautions and urges establishments which were allowed to carry out their activities not to exceed 50% of their capacity, and to verify vaccination of visitors and commitment to preventive measures such as; wearing face masks and practicing social distancing, especially in activities that require gathering of people, as in commercial centres, exhibitions, conferences, event halls, and sport facilities.

Mey Allah Almighty Protect All From Harm