COVID-19 Supreme Committee

COVID-19 Supreme Committee Decision of 29 July 2021

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Note: The following text is a public domain translation published by the Official OmanVsCovid19 Twitter account.

Statement of the Supreme Committee

The Supreme Committee on COVID-19 held a meeting this morning to follow up the recent developments arising from this pandemic, and find measures halting its further transmission. The committee expresses its gratitude and appreciation to members of the community, task forces, private sector, and civil, security & military authorities for their great commitment to the measures adopted recently to reduce further spread of this dangerous virus, especially during the complete lockdown and movement ban period imposed on the first days of Eid al-Adha.

– The committee was given grounds for optimism with regard to the significant drop in statistics revealing the number of cases and patients in intensive care units across the Sultanate, in addition to the gradual decline of mortalities. The committee therefore stresses that this commitment will support the synergy of the collective efforts while implementing the national vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and bringing the community to the safehold.

– The committee is currently considering appropriate vaccination-related measures to maintain the public health of all, through the establishment of necessary controls to ensure optimal access to public spaces and services provided by public and private sector, plus travel controls to and from the Sultanate.

– In order to preserve the gains achieved in response to COVID-19, the committee decided to reduce the time duration of the lockdown of businesses and the movement ban to be from 10pm to 4am, effective today’s evening 10pm Thursday 19 Thu al Hijjah 1442, July 29, 2021, until further notice.

May Allah Protect All From Any Harm