Ministerial Decision

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources: Ministerial Decision 211/2022 Designating the Ports for Unloading and Inspection Operations for Omani and Foreign Fishing Ships

2022/211 211/2022


Based on Royal Decree 26/2013 regarding the Accession of the Sultanate of Oman to the Agreement on Port State Measures to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing,

the Aquatic Living Resources Law promulgated by Royal Decree 20/2019,

and Ministerial Decision 16/2021 Designating Some Ports for Unloading and Inspection Operations for Foreign Fishing Ships,

and in pursuance of public interest,

it is hereby decided

Article I

The following ports are hereby designated for unloading and inspections operations for Omani and foreign commercial fishing ships requesting permission to enter the ports of the Sultanate of Oman:

1. Port of Salalah.

2. Port of Duqm.

3. Duqm Fishing Port.

Article II

The aforementioned Ministerial Decision 16/2021 is hereby repealed.

Article III

This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette, and comes into force on the day following the date of its publication.

Issued on: 28 Rabi Al-Awwal 1444
Corresponding to: 24 October 2022

Dr Saud bin Hamoud bin Ahmed Al-Habsi
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources

Published in Official Gazette 1465 issued on 30 October 2022.